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Latin Sucker Summer - Ahman Sucks A Stranger

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Next in our summer Latin cocksucker cavalcade comes a hot 20-something from Venezuela. Ahman is a smooth, bronzed classic South American Latino stud with a hunger for big, drippy, uncut cocks to blow. He lies back and works his own substantial fuckpole till it's stiff, and just like THAT an anonymous top sporting a huge woody steps in to offer his piece for Ahman's enjoyment. And enjoy he DOES! A little lazily, he turns his head to the side as the top gives his throat a good warmup.

You can tell how much a cocksucker's getting off on slurping down a slab of musky manmeat by how he beats his own piece as he gulps. Ahman's no slouch as he strokes his dick. He kneels on the floor and lets the top guy feed him hot horned-up dick. As the sexual temp heats up and things get steamy, his hand moves faster and wilder. The top's cock shows no sign of flagging, even dripping a few pearls of precum. Ahman's magic mouth works it's sorcery, and the top grabs his dick for the last few strokes. He lets out a series of guttural groans as he spews his sperm. Sticky splatters run down Ahman's torso and the relaxed smile on his face means he knows how good he is good at his job.