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Matthew Stuffs His Face With Johnny

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Sexy cocksucker Matthew Grande perks an eye when Johnny Castro drops his pants as they sit facing each other. Matthew sees just the kind of cock he wants to swallow. he kneels between Johnny's legs and starts nursing on that big tool. Johnny stands with his hand cupped around the back of Matthew's head and guides that juicy mouth down all the way. But it all looks like so much fun that Johnny gets into the act, beating his cock while Matthew stands and feeds him hot Latin dick. But that short disturbance in the force soon passes and Matthew is back to work slobbering on Johnny's knob in no time.

Johnny slaps his tool around Matthew's face till the talented sucker catches it back in his mouth again. The slight downward curve is a perfect fit for deepthroating. And Johnny's musky nuts are irresistible for Matthew to wrap his lips around. Johnny takes matters in his own hands and beats just a few smooth strokes before a sticky geyser spurts across Matthew's face and runs into his hungry mouth.