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Matthew's Mouthful of Cesar

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You'd be hard-pressed to find a hungrier pair of cocksucking dickpigs than Matthew Grande and Cesar Xes. Today it's Matthew who gets to cram his hungry throat full of thick uncut Puerto Rican meat fed to him by studly Cesar. After they kiss and Cesar grabs Matthew's buttcheeks in both hands, Matthew drops to his knees and starts slurping. Not without a certain effort, as Cesar is quite a mouthful. But Matthew is enthusiastic and sex-driven, so he holds back the gag reflex and goes deep.

When Matthew takes a breather to worship Cesar's well-packed nuts, Cesar strokes his cock. Then he fucks his tool far down Matthew's gullet. Matthew's lips smack with satisfaction and he wraps his arms around Cesar's butt to pull the hot stud in closer. Those heavy brown nuts are full up with cum and ready to explode, so Cesar gives a last few pumps with his fist before he hoses down Matthew's face with a juicy load.