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Drenched in Spit and Sperm

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Thin tatted longhair Christop and dark muscular horsehung Timarrie Baker are very different horndogs, but both share a love for men and big cock. Christop is napping when Timarrie wakes him and offers up his massive tool for the sucking. "Damn," Chris appraises when Timarrie drops his shorts and starts jacking to his dick's full dimensions. He gives the back of Christop's head a little extra help to get his giant stiffy down the hipster's throat. Christop grabs Timarrie's tightly-packed nuts and guzzles down that dick to the fuzzy blonde pubes.

Once Christop's up to speed Timarrie can give his hips a pump or two and drive in deeper. He holds Chris by the long chestnut hair as he fucks his face. Sucking such a big tool leaves Christop drooling huge strings of spit and gasping for breath. "Swallow that cock," Timarrie encourages the ardent young sucker. Taking a break, Christop is drenched in sweat and saliva. He lays back and dangles his head over the mattress' edge while Timarrie plows in to tickle Christop's tonsils. Chris jerks out his load onto the spit-soaked sheets as Timarrie splatters his sopping face. "You're a mess, bro. Better take a shower!"