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Gavin's Second Helping of Dark Meat

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Gavin Winters takes another chance to get his face reamed and creamed by a big chocolate-brown dick when hairy handsome Micah Martinez sits spreadeagled in front of him, cock bobbing up between his legs. Kneeling between his thighs, Gavin sucks in his cheeks and lets his talented mouth fill with the musky mantool. "Take that, you look so good with my dick in your mouth," Micah whispers seductively, flashing a winsome smile at the prodigious cock-worshipper.

Gavin holds back from choking as he goes deep on Micah's big tool. He looks up into Micah's eyes, ready to obey Martinez' every request. Micah is leaning back with arms cradled behind his head, relaxing as he leaves the work to his hot little pro. His nuts draw up into firing position. "Fuck yeah slutboi," Micah mumbles as a load boils up out of his balls. He shoots into his own pubes and drips down his shaft, and Gavin is there to clean up every creamy splash.